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Most of the Old posts are gone; (Actually moved to someplace safe 😉 )

Dear Bastards,

It is very hard for me to imagine why the fuck anyone would read this shitty blog, but if I were to believe the traffic, some of you creeps still do. Though I haven’t been particularly concerned about my identity, things has changed.

I have someone who fears that these shitposting and ranting can attract harm my way; I do not care much about that, but I can’t have her involved in any of these. So I am going to move this blog to Tor network. The Onion url for that site is hidden right here in this site and I am sure you can figure that out easily.

I will delete most of my posts in this site and leave the boring ones here. I will redact the parts which she think is little overboard in the leftout posts (except in the intro post).

And remeber fellas: “Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die.