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The Thermocol Experiment


The Thermocol Experiment & Gift of ~Magi~ Meme

I am writing this shit from Madurai, the land so famous across seven lands and seas. It wasn’t always the case, but Tamil Nadu Minister for cooperatives Sellur K Raju changed it for good by his infamous awry attempt to conserve water in drought hit Tamil Nadu. This experiment failed miserably on various levels.
The minister and the officials were heavily criticised by the smartasses who storm Facebook, Quora and WhatsApp to show their prowess of being real smaaaart. Mr. Raju gained huge popularity and he became a meme icon in the shitty smelly sub continent. What a geat tool it is - memes. And by meme, I did not mean the “an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”, but the internet meme which was created by some morons who live in their parents’ basement.

It is not very strange that government sponsor weird shits to overcome drought and do make rain. It is very common for governments to seek divine intervention for rain. Does anyone remember when the neighbouring state of Karnataka directed Temples to conduct prayers and special pujas (at government’s expense) for pleasing gods to give rain? The then BJP government’s plan if it was executed successfully would have cost 17 crore rupees. No one batted an eye at that crap as they haven’t got balls to speak ill of their imaginary master called God. It happens very often, but it is all makes sense for these people. For a change, the government takes a sane approach and the whole internet loses its sense. To add to this there are some அறிவு ஜீவி environment activists who say “The plan shows the lack of scientific knowledge of the water cycle. Water evaporation is a natural process and is part of water cycle. Why should one try to prevent the natural process.” Drought is a natural process and death due to drought is a natural process too. So should we just lay back and watch it?

I don’t claim that officials are absolutely right in this experiment, but Vaigai dam has to support six water starved districts including Madurai, Sivaganga, Rramanathpuram, Theni and Dindigul. Everyday more than a 300 crore litres of water is lost here to evaporation and other ways. The government is desperate for a solution and this experiment could have worked if it wasn’t for the strong wing currents. But the officials should have considered all the factors indeed. Despite thermocol being non toxic, it is non biodegradable. Eventually it would break down into small pieces which could harm the aquatic life of Vaigai. This attempt could be seen as an attempt to mimic the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power who had released nearly 100 million of so-called “shade balls” into three of their reservoirs. But that project cost them more than equivalent of 200 crore rupees. Tamil Nadu government might not be in a situation to afford that.

At least these college kids are creating meme rather than smoking Crank.


P.S. : Please don’t try meth. I, a meth head, might have no right to say this, but please don’t try meth.