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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

I know that most of my posts don’t make any sense, but in particular, this post may not make much sense to you if you do not have any link to South India or if you don’t give a shit about Tamil Films and songs.

I visited a village near Coimbatore to celebrate Pongal recently. I had set the so-called infamous “beep song” as my phone’s ringtone and when it rang in the public places, I got the reactions that made me LMAO. The song was little obscene, and a kid had it as his ringtone. When it rang, people were quite disturbed and annoyed. So I had kept it as my phone’s ringtone. When it rang it in the bus used for public transit, I got the reaction from the crowd that was so precious. I was very intrigued by it. So I set it as an alarm tone and made it ring at almost all places to see how the people react. Everybody, well almost, recognized the tune. When I tried it in a post office, a gentleman said, “தம்பி இது தப்பு பா, மாத்தீரு. (It is immoral, change it.)” I looked confused and when I asked what exactly he was talking about, he just gave me a look as if an apocalypse came and he walked away. When I tried at a bus stop, a couple of people tried to stare me away. By their appearance, I can say that they were lecturers. I stared back at them. There was a college nearby and they must’ve mistaken me for a student, so they tried to hegemonize me. I so badly wanted to kick their arse, but that would’ve attracted unwanted attention which I like too much. So I walked away. (I have a thing against these teachers/lecturers and doctors, but that is for another time.) It was epic when the two policemen mumbled among themselves and giving me a strange stare. I badly wanted them to arrest me. If they had, it would’ve been super cool. I wonder whether they can arrest me for having the tune of a controversial song as a ringtone? If they can, under what section would they book me? I’m pretty sure that Silambarasan T.R will not file a copyright lawsuit against me for possessing it and the Judge probably wouldn’t accept it as a criminal copyright infringement. The ringtone wasn’t really offensive as I had cropped the song and the file I had contained only the opening chords. It didn’t have any lyrics in it. Nevertheless, it offended people very well.

If you are offended by any of my posts, please click here and I’ll try to rectify your situation.