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Is free software needed for communicating elecronically?

I know these folks called ‘Libre Hacktivists’ who are batcrap crazy and they always talk so much about software that provides four freedom (synonymous with boredom). They were using IRC in early days days, then moved to XMPP (Jabber) and slowly became stupid and started using software packages like WhatsApp, Skype, e.t.c. for communicating with each other. But recently they realized that they must be moving to free software alternatives and started using Telegram as its IM client is a free software. They were misled that eventually could mean a couple of months. But after waiting several months for telegram server side source code, they realized that they have to find a way out. Sure, telegram kicks ass of WhatsApp, but no one had a clue what their servers were doing. Hence before they could get trapped inside telegram, they decided to look for alternatives and they looked back. IRC and XMPP is still waiting for them. When there are two choices, only one thing can happen - dilemma. Few assholes like @asshole wanted to move back to IRC, but it was decided to give XMPP a try due to its advantages over the former. ( YMMV ) So everybody started creating accounts in a single Diaspora* pod with XMPP service, but that again raised a concern. There is no point in blindly joining a pod. Every community must be running their own pod and then it must be federated to attain truly open and distributed network. Makes sense, right?

If your answer is yes to the above question. “Makes sense, right?”, I have one more question for you. “What the Fuck?

Will we ever stop? I guess not. This pursuit is what keeps Humans above the rest of species, be it on a Food Chain, intellect or in the act of beastility.

Wait, we are not done.

Borderline paranoids like those Libre Hactivist dumbos want a federated and decentralized network for communications. But look at the email service providers. Outlook.com, Gmail and Yahoo Mail combined would cover about 90% of active email accounts. What can we do about that? We can use SSL to ensure that the messages reaches their servers safely, but what happens after? Not too long ago, Microsoft accused Google of reading your emails. Who knows what Microsoft does? Given their track record, I am cretainly positive that your data will be snooped upon. For now, I recommend that you try something like ProtonMail or Roundcube.

Anyway, what is the difference? We are all going to die and get decomposed. I don’t have that problem as I am already a deadrat. 😜 Just a heads up for you human beings out there: I am being decomposed and it feels awful. You will soon feel it.