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Fuck You tree hugging bastards

Warning: It is a shitpost

It all started with a guy in an imageboard saying “As per religion, alcohol is served in heaven lost death, but cunning humans taste it in the mortal earth. Responsible drinking is inevitable for the food ecosystem. So much grapes, rice,potatoes, sugarcane will go waste.” That pissed me off too much. Who the fuck are those bastards to decide on what constitutes a waste and what is used wisely. So according to them if we make fine Wine out of grape and drink it, it goes as waste, but if they eat grape and shit, it is used/consumed usefully. That shit doesn’t make any sense; does it? Nothing goes waste. Whatever is in this universe stays in this universe. It may change its form, but you can’t call it as going waste.

Grapes, rice, potato and every other shit had rotten / rots / and will rot in this earth and gets decomposed. It then could take another form as a tree or a mud or what ever the fuck the time and the environment makes it. It was in earth and it stays in earth. How is it a waste. Same goes for animals (including homo sapiens) They took in earthly matter as nutrition and grew. They expelled the waste into this earth. They die and stay in earth. (or maybe in some nearby planets if they are astronaut or traveller). But still I don’t see anything getting wasted.

When someone is hungry at a point on space and time, and if a fruit rich in starch and nutrients is consumed by that person, some claim that the fruit was used and not wasted. My point is, - whether the human ate the fruit, then excreted and after long time he died or - he died of lack of nutriition and the fruit decomposed in a distant place, there isn’t much difference. This multiverse is vast and the effect a human can have on it is very insignificant.

Humans are earthly subjects like air and water. Flood erodes the path it takes. Similarly humans sometimes takes some uranium or hydrogen and make some changes to it that has a bit larger impact. I see no crime in that. So stop being a wuss and don’t complain that human beings are causing Global warming. No shit we are causing Global warming, but why should we care. If you think that the next generation cannot survive if the earth gets warmer, let those sons of bitches evolve. If they aren’t capable of that let them go extinct. But I don’t give a fuck about that.

Disclaimer: Not my opinion. I had to roleplay as a right wing lunatic. 😔