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I discriminate and hate.

As per Wikipedia, Caste is a form of social stratification characterized by endogamy, hereditary transmission of a lifestyle which often includes an occupation, ritual status in a hierarchy and customary social interaction and exclusion based on cultural notions of purity and pollution. How awesome does that sound! Can we achieve such a social strata if we want to? Hell no. It must have taken centuries for this system to achieve almost perfection in last century, but unfortunately casteism is being destroyed due to urbanization and affirmative action (positive discrimination) programs. Some one must take necessary steps to prevent this destructive action and we have to preserve this millenia old tradition.

If you ask me why I have to discriminate, my answer is simple. It feels good. Don’t let your sense talk. Let your emotions and the sensations control you. You can feel it.

First I discriminate the people on what caste system they believe in. If you see a bastard who believes in varna, stay away from those queans. If possible, kill them, but be wary as some are highly toxic. Once you kill them, bury them away safely as they can inflict venomous bites for up to an hour after their being severed from the body.

When I say caste, I refer to the much more detailed classification called Jāti. Jāti is sometimes used as a surname and it is very helpful when introducing to strangers. Just when you hear the surname, you can know what is the occupation, socio-economic status, their hygiene, etc. For example, when you hear the word Gandhi, you can know for a fact that he is a perfume seller. Yeah, you read it right. Gandhi = Perfume seller. According to legend, the British were ousted from India by a perfume seller using a new combination of a very unique flavour. He never applied for a patent to this formula, but it is heavily guarded trade secret.

Incase you are not able to relate, think of the stereotypes that you have formed in mind. It helps you in so many ways, doesn’t it. Jāti is a lot like stereotype, but very much well deined and finely refined.

Back to our caste based discrimination, contrary to common belief, Jāti is open to change based on economic, social and political influences. In the course of history, various economic, political and social factors have led to a continuous closing and churning in the prevailing social ranks which tended to become traditional, hereditary system of social structuring.

Some consider caste system more like a stereotype but in a clearly defined and refined way with accuracy of up to 78%. That is quite impressive, isn’t it? Though it is very impressive, that is not all to the caste system. Though there were several variations across the breadth of India, the Jati was the effective community within which one married and spent most of one’s personal life. Often it was the community (Jati) which provided support in difficult times, in old age and even in the resolution of disputes. It was thus the community which one also sought to promote. I fail to see why would someone be against such wonderful system?

The Jatis did not see themselves as socially inferior to the others. If at all, it was the other way round and many had folk narratives, traditions, myths and legends to bolster their sense of identity and cultural uniqueness. Is it bad to have a sense of identity as a community?

It just doesn’t end there. There was some sort of job security for most of the folks. Jāti helped in a way that a child got skilled into his dad’s profession and when he grow up he could continue to do the same as the job won’t be taken away from people belonging to a different caste. I could go on, but I think I made my point. **Wait, actually I haven’t. I wanted to show how bad this Jati is and that is why I started to write this post, but now I realised that I actually wrote shits that make Jati looks like it is not actually a evil, but as a social security.

why hatred?

So where does hatred come in here? Casteism looks like a perfect system, but this has been cause of opression of many communities and it has even led to murder and other violences. I have to get baked before we could continue to talk about those.

Disclaimer: Not my opinion. I had to roleplay as a right wing lunatic. 😔