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Easy method to kill onesself.

Flat Earth

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in suicide and I haven’t successfully used this (or any suicide method for that matter) yet. However I (and few other random strangers on the internet) believe that it is a fairly painless method to commit suicide, but it is a bit tricky to verify their claim. So reader discretion advised.

▓▓ contents are redacted ▓▓

Sorry, peeps. I had to remove the guide on how to use the plastic bag for multiple reasons, but the primary one being that I am not an expert in this methods of euthanasia, or any other method for that matter. Though there is very less chances of this method going wrong, given its critical nature, I would rather leave it to the experts.

However I would highly recommend one to consider suicide bag before finalizing on their method of self administered euthanasia. The gases commonly used in this method (Nitrogen or Helium) are non-toxic, non flammable and present no health risk to third parties as long as there is sufficient ventilation in the room.

If you really want to kick the bucket using the exit bag, I would recommend the book “Final Exit” and “The Peaceful Pill Handbook.”