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deadrat is a worthless piece of shit.

This bugger wanted me to write something for about section of his blog. Well, here it is, not as a section, but as the first post in this blog. deadrat was born to a family of stupid gits. I don’t see how the date or place of his birth might be beneficial to any of us, so let us not get into that shit. Let’s talk about his family. His dad fathered such a loser, so what will be there to talk about him? And deadrat’s Mama so is very funny and she made the biggest and funniest joke in this world: deadrat. ▓ deadrat was a prodigy, they say. Prodigy at what? Getting dementia? He couldn’t fit in anywhere, whether in college, school or wherever it is; he was eventually kicked out of college during the final year of a four years course. Apparently, students are not allowed to possess certain contrabands when in college hostels. ▓▓ contents are redacted ▓▓

I ‘ll let him bore you with the details later. And I have to tell something about me. deadrat wanted to start this new blog for a really long time, but he has a starting trouble everywhere even in bed. His gf had a hard time giving him a fellatio, but I can’t imagine how can his own right hand give him a fellatio. The loser wouldn’t even know what a fellatio means, btw.

One last word: A piece of advice actually… If you are offended by any of deadrat’s posts and want to kill yourself do it in a painless way.