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Sometimes, saving money isn't the best option.

Warning: Yet another shitpost

It is always safe to wear a condom.

The above sentence might be very irrelevant to the rest of the post; so is the financial advice given by bigots. Unfortunately the world is full of bigots; just the way how internet is full of shit - like this post.

The shit I wanted to crap today is about how most people go advising that saving is a very good habit and how it could help someone’s financial situation. (Edit: by saving, I meant saving money. Not some shitty document that you were editing earlier.) The problem with that advise is that whoever takes this malarkey is someone who is already fucked up financially. And it goes without saying that these lunatic bastards are probably in deep shit known as debt.

For someone in debt, I don’t see how saving could make financial sense. AFAIK, lenders charge you a hell lot more interest than you could earn in most of the safe investments and savings scheme. At least that is how where I live. I guess that was the whole Idea behind the lovely old banking; rope in money and pay interest on it and then lend that money for higher rate of interest.

Let us take the case of Kuppusamy, a clodpole from Tamil Nadu. He has educational loan for ₹400000 which compounds at 13 % p.a., a personal loan for ₹350000 which compounds at 15 % p.a., and ₹150000 debt over his credit cards whose interest varies between 25 % and 41 % p.a. He earns ₹30000 p.m. Some asshole told him to save some money, so this knobhead was making a recurring deposit of ₹2000 that pays him the interest of 9 % and he has ₹20000 saved in his savings bank account that pays him 4 % p.a. What the fuck was he up to?

I tried to get some sense into his thick skull but we were surrounded by few other clowns at that time who convinced that it is a really good habit to continue to save despite his difficulty. That could possibly a good habit to save, but definitely not when he is in such a mess. Why would you invest for 4 % p.a. when you are paying up to 40 % p.a. on the other side. Being a shitty at convincing, all I could do was let my blood boil when those clowns praised this birdbrain.

It is not always safe to wear a condom. It could be safe if you wear it for fucking a stranger. It could also be safe to wear it when you fuck some whom you know and if they have STD. But I cannot see how protective it could be while peeing. Use apt measures, you bastards. You can use condom when driving a slut, but you have to wear helmet / seat-belt when driving a vehicle.

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