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A Small town in Tamil Nadu

deadrat ( not Deadrat ) is a worthless piece of shit.

deadrat was born to a lovely family of stupid gits. I don’t see how the date or place of his birth might be beneficial to you, so let us not get into that. His father toiled for his entire life, but since he is a git, his midlife crisis fucked his family so hard. I would like to use a Yo momma joke to describe deadrat’s mother. deadrat’s momma is so poor that when she goes tof KFC she has to lick others’ fingers; only that she never went to KFC. I ‘m serious. A day’s meal for his entire family doesn’t cost as much as a single McDonald’s burger. But that is not a big deal as it is the case for most families in under developed countries. I really don’t want to talk about deadrat’s brother because I hate to offend lunatics. deadrat was a prodigy, they say. But I didn’t knew him well during his early days, so I cannot comment on it. He couldn’t fit in anywhere, whether in college, school or wherever it is; he was eventually kicked out of college during final year of the four years course. Apparently, students are not allowed to possess Cannabis indica when in college hostels. I was really shocked to learn that deadrat did substance abuse. Ever since then he is working for the legalization of Marijuana, but he doesn’t take it anymore. According to his argument, marijuana is less addictive than coffee and it is not as harmful as other rich people’s drugs like alcohol or tobacco. I actually support him in that. I have never been stoned but by looking at deadrat’s experience, I can say that smoking pot gives good night sleep. deadrat suffers from chronic pain due to an accident that happened years before and he has trouble getting sleep because of that. Cannabis works far better than many allopathic medicines in alleviating the pain and in giving good sleep.

I ‘ll let him bore you with the details later. And I have to tell something about me. deadrat wanted to start this new blog for a really long time, but he has a starting trouble everywhere even in bed. I am not his gf, but I ‘ve heard that he needs a fellatio to get started.

If you are offended by any of deadrat’s posts, please kill yourself.